"Pictures say more than a thousand words"

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    Helena (Sonntag, 21 Januar 2018 10:48)

    Yes of cause, pictures say a lot more than a thousand words. But in my opinion the viewer decides which words the picture say. Therefore the interpretation of the picture could be complete different to the intention of the drawer.

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    Helena (Sonntag, 21 Januar 2018 10:51)

    So pictures are a very dangerous way of communication. It is not checkable what the acceptor see in the picture.

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    Annabelle (Montag, 22 Januar 2018 18:07)

    I think a picture says more than thousand words because the viewer decides the meaning of a picture. The best example is the very famous picture of Sharbat Gula. A picture of her was published in the National Geographic’s and it shows the woman looking into the camera. Because of her very intense and unique eyes the picture can be interpreted as a scared girl, an emotionless girl or a strong young woman. It’s up to the viewer to interpret.

    Picture: http://www.nationalgeographic.de/fotografie/17-jahre-danach

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    Hannah (Montag, 22 Januar 2018 18:10)

    @Helena I agree with you, a pictures message certainly depends to some extend on the viewer. But there is also the publisher who pushes us, the viewer in a certain direction.

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    Hannah (Montag, 22 Januar 2018 18:19)

    @Annabelle Yes it is up to the reader to interpret and to analyse but the publisher decides the direction, the basis we debate on. You can not "interpret" that there was another person before the photo was changed. Can you?

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    Hannah (Montag, 22 Januar 2018 18:23)

    We can never now ..if the video which was just shown on the news was shortened, when it really happened and that it really happend. We just blindly believe it.

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    Joana (Montag, 22 Januar 2018 23:59)

    I agree with you @Helena. Pictures are very subjective. They are a form of representing and expressing themselves to the rest of the community. They even, subconciously, define our actions (e.g. motivation pictures, ...). Due to the fact, that every human being can interpret its meaning differently, I would agree with the Phrase `a picture says more than 1000 words´

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    Joana (Dienstag, 23 Januar 2018 00:00)


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    Joana (Dienstag, 23 Januar 2018 00:01)

    @ Annabelle: Great example ; )

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    Theresa (Dienstag, 23 Januar 2018 22:46)

    I agree with @Hannah, photos can be manipulated very easily and can give the viewer a wrong message. By showing only a small image section, the entire message of a picture can change. Both words and pictures can give us information, both can be very subjective. Therefore, you should neither rely to much on the words of someone, nor on the images of one source, but always question the information that is transmitted to you.