Visiting Portsmouth: Action Station, HMS Victory ship, Royal Navy Museum, Gun Wharf Quays, Spinnaker Tower

Report by Elisa

In the morning, it was very cold while we were waiting for the bus to arrive. Everybody waited for our lovely and warm bus. When we jumped up on the bus, which would take us to different places every day, we fought (really hard, like boys against girls) about the seats in the back. Mister Schwarz whistled and blew into the microphone and it seemed as if we were a train: That was scary. He also talked about Portsmouth, the sights there, and gave us some information about the Battle of Trafalgar and the British hero Lord Nelson. At quarter to ten we arrived in Portsmouth. We were fascinated because there were ships everywhere one looked. Our plan for the day was the following:

At first we walked into "Portsmouth Historic Dockyard". The first building we entered there was the Action Station (moving climbing walls, science and a flight simulator...). The action stations were just funny. We climbed on moving walls but our lovely teacher Mister Fischer was too afraid to climb...One of the special attractions at the Action Station was a huge room were people were able to play with Laserpistols against each other. Although it cost six pounds extra nine students decided to take part in the action including Mr Fischer. We played for 15 minutes…

Then, at 11:40 we went to the beautiful ship "HMS Victory". A man who seemed to think, Lord Nelson was a god, showed it to us. The Victory consists of 7 decks and is very beautiful from outside. Inside we had to mind our heads, because the ceiling was a little too low for people over 1,60 m. We were all astonished, when we saw the room were the operations took place. There were different kinds of knives and other tools. Also the living room of the Lords and Nelson's uniform got many likes from us (another thing, every boy loves). After having visited all of the different compartments of the ship we went to the next museum. After that we went to the National Museum to watch the Trafalgar Experience.  I did not like it that much because I thought it was too bloody. We left after 15 minutes.


And last but not least: We went onto the beautiful Spinnaker Tower. We visited all of the three floors. From all of the floors you had a beautiful view of the city.  Afterwards we had time to go shopping.  So we went to conquer the shops. On the way we ate (I don't lie) Jelly Beans which tasted like rotten eggs and snot.  Very yummy!

Report by Luc and Leonard

We met at Robert May's School today morning at half past eight.

After that we left the school at quarter to nine.
We drove to Portsmouth by bus about one hour. There we looked at the HMS Victory. It was really exciting because of the realistic scenes.
There were tonnes of old connons (which are restaurated), barrels and ropes. Our guide told us in a very interesting way and so we learned a lot. Warships like the HMS Victory have got really low ceilings so sometimes you nearly have to crawl through the decks.
The medicine tool which we got showed were rather brutal and scary.
Our guided tour took nearly an half an hour so we were in Portsmouth town at about twelve o'clock.
Portsmouth town is near by Portsmouth habour and is a huge shopping mall with clothing shops en mas and bars, restaurants and living shops.
The teachers Mr. Schwarz and Mr. Fischer (called "fishi") let us go through the town on our own as long as we stay in groups of three.
Portsmouth is an old military city and the Royal Navy is still using it for their fleet.
It's very windy and that's why it's so cold out here at the spinacker tower where we are writing this. We all freeze. Mr. Schwarz is still somewhere in the mall and Fishi aswell.  The girls really enjoy our free time because they can go shoppen all the time. How stupid!
Later we will drive home back to our exchange partners.

Report by Paula Z.

Bericht des Besuches des Schiffes Victory:
Um 11:45h komen wir an dem Schiff Victory an, wo wir eine Fuehrung gebucht hatten.
Ein Fuehrer erklaert uns die Geschichte und den Aufbau des Schiffes. Das Schiff hat das erste Untergeschoss, das zweite Untergeschoss, das dritte Untergeschoss, das Erdgeschoss, die erste Etage und das Deck.
Starten wir ganz unten in dem dritten Untergeschoss und arbeiten wir uns dann immer weiter hoch.
Im dritten Untergeschoss wurde das Schiesspulver und die Kanonenkugeln gelagert, die bei einem Angriff notwendig waren. Als wir ein Geschoss hoeher gegangen sind mussten sich fast alle buecken um sich nicht an der Decke zu stossen. Im zweiten Untergeschoss wurden Seile und andere Dinge gelagert. Ausserdem waren dort Werkstaetten. Gehen wir nun noch ein Stockwerk hoeher. Im ersten Untergeschoss haben die einfachen Leute und Matrosen zwischen den Kanonen gegessen. Zwischen den Kanonen war jewalts ein Esstisch. Wir sind alle ganz geschockt, als wir hoeheren was die Leute dort gegessen haben. Kommen wir nun ins Erdgeschoss, wo auch der Eingang zum Schiff ist. Im Erdgeschoss waren die Ruhestaetten von Matrosen und einfachen Leuten Sie haben in Haengematten geschlafen, die zwischen den Kanonen aufgehaengt waren. Um den oberen Teil des Schiffen begutachten zu koennen, muessen wir ein Paar Treppen hochsteigen. Nun betreten wir die erste Etage und den "Dinning Room". Dort kann man zwei Uniformen von Nelson, einen langen Esstisch, einen kleinen Tisch, Bilder und ein Schwert begutachten. Der Komandogeber Nelson schlief zu Lebzeiten in seinem Sarg, da das die vornehmenste Art war. Auf der anderen Seite der ersten Etage wurden die Gefangenen untergebracht und gefoltert. Um auf das Deck zu kommen muessen wir nochmal Treppen hochsteigen. On Deck sind verschiedene Kabienen von wichtigen und reichen Personen. In der Mitte des Schiffes neben dem Mast erinnert ein Schild daran, dass an diesem Ort Nelson gefallen ist. Es war so, Nelson hatte einen Plan, doch beim Angriff auf das Schiffes wurde er am Ende des Kampfes von einem Schuss getroffen. So wurde der Komandogeber Nelson bei der Schlacht umgebracht.
Waerend der interessanten Fuehrung hoerten alle aufmerksam zu und machten Fotos. Dies war ein schoener und interessanter Ausflug auf un din der Victory!

Report by Merle

14:00 o'clock: 

After we had left the tower, I went to the shopping mall with some of the girls. While we walked past the shops, it was very cold. Besides the sun was shining, so went into one shop after the other. 

In the first shop we looked at bags and some clothes. Everything was decorated and full of flowers, se we left the shop rather quickly. Walking through the center was fascinating, because there were many shops you don't have in Berlin. The problem was that a lot of the shops were extremely expensive as one had to pay around 50 pounds for a scarf. As a consequence we didn't buy anything. In the end we found the shop we were looking for and we bought some stuff. 


15:45 o'clock:

Later we visited another ten shops and afterwards we looked out for our beloved teachers Mr. Fischer and Mr. Schwarz who waited outside while most of the pupils sat inside Burger King, some eating and some flirting with each other. 


Back in the warm bus we looked back on a nice day. We also thought about all the lovely things that are planned for the next days. 

Impressions of the day