My exchange partner and me got along just perfect and we had a great time.

At the weekend my host family took me to London were we drove with a boat on the Themse. I saw the Globe Theatre, London Bridge, the Gurkin, London eye and a lot more. At the Tower of London we were able to look behind the scenes. It was interesting and REALLY cool.  On the other day of the weekend we drove to Brighton. There we were on the Pier and I had my first fish and chips. It was a really nice weekend. But not just the weekend was a nice experience. In my host family we made Pasta and Easter nests with Crème Eggs and Mini Eggs. It was a brilliant experience.  I did not just improve my English - I found new friends. And I can’t  wait that the English students come to Germany in June.


The last day in England was very sad, but also very exciting because we went to school with our exchange partner! In the first two lessons we had geography and maths. After the break we had to present our presentations. Than we had an English lesson and after this, we had the best lesson of tge day: food technology, and we cooked a pizza. After this we had a little tea party and then we had to go to the airport. There were a lot of tears as we had to go. [Clara]

It was very interesting in school, because they have some other subjects than in Germany. They have cooking and we made scones. They tasted really good. And they have reading which I wish we would have this subject too. I liked the day in school. They have a very big school and I like their school uniform.
Nochmal DANKE für die tolle Zeit in Odiham.
On the last day we went to Rober May School and we visited five lessons.
It was really interesting and another way how to do the subject based school room principle. The first lesson was Geography and the second one was Maths. The third lesson was Reading. We were in the library and we read books. It was a different lesson, I have never seen before. The next lesson was French. In this lesson we did our presentations. And the last one was cooking. The lesson was really funny and it smelled delicious. Then we had a tea party with sweets and cakes.
The farewell was really hard. It was difficult to say 'Goodbye'.

And my question is were is the 'Good' in 'Goodbye'  

I miss my exchange-partner really.  

On the last day of our exchange we had to go to school. In the first lesson I had IT with my partner. Then I did my prensentation. After this we went to religion. In the fourth lesson we had German. Then we did PE. Maths was the last lesson. With my partner I went to the golden farwell teaparty. Then we drove to the airport. 

Today, was our last day in the lovely England. We went to the RMS with our exchange-partners  and had lessons with them! They have subjects, which we don't have in Berlin! For example: cooking, D.T. and reading lesson. I think cooking is very cool, I want to have cooking in Berlin, too! 

Today, was one of my personal favourite days, because we could see how their school life works and how their subjects are...
But the farewell was very sad - too sad... 😭 Lots of us cried! [Riccarda]
The exchange was very cool and the families were really lovely! ☁️

Different from my school in Berlin the English school begins quite late. You can recognise the students of the school because of the uniforms. My exchange partner had to change the room every lesson and she had to go into other buildings. I think the ways in my school are shorter. In the morning the class of my partner got together and they wached the news. Already henceforward you could see the daily routine because of the recurring interrogation of presence. The teacher said the name and they had to answer something like: "Yes Sir/Madame" or in another languages "Ja Frau" and "Oui Mme". [Paula]

We saw six lessons at Robert-May-school and I was very surprised.
It was so much more disciplined than at our school. 
I like the idea of school uniforms, but this one looked very uncomfortable.
In the lessons the pupils were quiter than in our lessons. Everybody was friendly and nice. My first impression was very very good!!!!❤️❤️❤️  [Charlotte]