Windsor + Eton

Today we went to Winsor castle and Eton. It was really nice and we had lots of fun. In the morning we left on the coach at about 8:45.we then arived at the castle and it was amazing and so interesting to look around. I found out lots about the history of the castle and how it was built. We then had about 2 hours to buy gifts and to go shopping. We had lots of fun😊 and it was really cool. After that we went to Eton and to eton collage. Eton is a private school for boys. It was really nice there and we saw some boys playing soccer in the school. We then had maybe 15 minutes to go around eton town. After this the bus came and we drove home. The way home in the bus was also very fun. I liked the day very much and it was very cool. [Emilia]