Stonehenge & Ice Skating

First of all, our exchange partners and we met in school. Brayden and I were first, we arrived at twenty minutes past eight o'clock. The others arrived up to half an hour later. Then we went to Stonehenge by bus. On our 45 minutes long way we saw many solar panels, sheep and an army truck. At about ten to ten we arrived there and went to the museum near Stonehenge. We were split in two groups: One walked into the museum about the history of Stonehenge, the other went to see a few rebuilt houses and then to the shop next to the museum. Then the groups switched. Afterwards we drove to the stone circle with little shuttlebuses at about a quarter past eleven. We walked around it, took some pictures and some of us ate their lunch. You can get only five meters away from it. Harry even made a selfie with a faked wizard. At about 12:05 we returned to the museum. Afterwards we drove by bus to the ice-skating hall. We skated for about one and a half hour. It was really fun, but I hurt my hand and Valerie even had to go to a hospital because of her foot. But that didn't stop the others from enjoying their day. At about ten past three we went back to school.
by Elias

Today we went to Stonehenge by bus. At 9 am we met at Robert Mays School with our partners. On the way we saw flat land that is been used by the Army to train their soldiers. One hour later we arrived at Stonehenge. We were split into two groups. One group saw prehistoric settlements in the form of huts and the others visited the museum about Stonehenge. After both groups finished their visit of the museum and the huts, we travelled to the site of Stonehenge with a little bus. Stonehenge was bigger than I thought it would be, it was magnificent. Between 11 and 12 noon we could walk around and view the stones. After that we went ice-skating. Some pupils could not ice-skate, like my exchange partner, but I helped him. So after the activity he could skate better than before. Unfortunately some pupils had minor injuries after falling over on the ice. The trip today was really interesting and amusing. I hope the next trip will be as enjoyable.


by Andres

On Friday we went to Stonehenge and it took 1.30 hours to get there.

Then we split up into groups and went to the museum.  In here we learnt about the stones and the history 5,000 years ago.   The second group looked into old huts.  After that everybody went to the stones and took pictures. 

The next activity was ice skating, in Basingstoke.  This was fun, as I have never been ice skating before and realised I really enjoyed it.   After two hours we drove back to school where we were collected.

By Benjamin Engel