Action Museum


We met at 8:30 in front of the school. When the bus came, we all went in and sat down. After a long and boring ride we arrived in Portsmouth.

First we went to the action museum. This is a museum about the navy, where you can do loads of funny things on your own, like simulate flying a helicopter or climbing on a moving wall. There we had nearly an hour to do all these things. It was really cool! You can also shoot in a computer game or do climbing on a high wall that was moved. We learned lots of things about the navy.



Spinnaker Tower


We also went to Spinnaker Tower. It looks really strange!

First, we rode in an escalator to platform 1 which is 100m above sealevel. On this platform you have a floor of glass, on which you can walk (But only with socks- it smells very bad when we all took our shoes off...)

 It's very scary to walk in 100m on a floor of glass! The people on the ground were so small...

After this, we went two platforms higher, to "sky view". The view is amazing from there, you can see all of Portsmouth! We all made lots of pictures.

When we all had enough, we split into small groups of three or more people and went shopping on our own.




Mrs Thomalla said that we should write that Mr Fischer bought lots of things and clothes, although he had said before that he doesn’t like shopping. She doesn't want to manipulate us; it is only a fact...


Well, we had nearly two and a half hours to go shopping and we all bought something in one of the many outlet stores. At 15:20 we met again and went back to school on the bus. It was a cool day!



by Mieke


After leaving the "Action Museum" and the ship "HMS Victory" we went to a museum about the "Battle of Trafalgar". It was very cool because there were puppets. In the first room there was a little movie about Lord Nelson and the battle. In the second room there where some puppets that were shooting with canons imitating the real battle on the ship. Loud screaming and other sounds could be heard making clear that people got terribly hurt. The we went to the next room where one could see a big painting and smal models of ships. A voice told us about the battle and that Nelson had a very aggressive plan which he hoped would surprise the enemy. It worked. After the battle had just started Lord Nelson was seriously wounded by a sniper and only survived until the battle was won. Then he died and in memory of him people all over Britain were sad.


by Gian