The Arrival 

Today was our first day. We had to get up very early because we had to be at the airport at six o clock. Our flight was good and too early. But after we had landed, a girl forgot her passport on the airplane. Then we went to the border control and there was the next problem. Due to the fact that one girl doesn’t have a German passport she couldn't at first enter the UK. The rest of the group took their luggage and waited. We waited, waited and waited. Eventually we waited for an hour till she finally came. So we thought afterwards that nothing even worse could happen, but then…

We wanted to go down to our bus but then one other girl forgot her luggage. And again we had to wait. That time in the cold outside. Then finally we went into the bus and drove 45 minutes from London to Odiham. We were too late and that is why all the pupils had already eaten something. When we arrived the headmistress welcomed us. We put our luggage in a room and started a small tour across Odiham with a quiz. Then at half past twelve we were back and saw our exchange partners. Then we sat together with them in their two last lessons.

At 2:30 pm there was a welcome party with food and snacks especially for us. After the party we all went home with our host partners.

It was a busy but also very memorable day.



Viele Grüße Carolin w.