Today we met at 8:45am at the train station and left by train to London Waterloo at 9 am. We arrived at London Waterloo station at 10:07am. Then we walked to the London Eye and waited and had lunch. Then we watched a 4d movie, which is about London. It was very funny! Mister Fischer bought our tickets. We had our tickets at 11am. The London Eye was very scary, especially at the highest point, but also it was very cool. We took breathtaking pictures and the view was amazing. After that, we walked to the St. James Park, where we saw lots of different birds and very cute squirrels.

by Lara und Helena

After we had left Big Ben we went to St James Park. This park is near Buckingham Palace. There is a big lake in the middle of the park and there are lots of trees and fields around it. Many animals such as ducks and birds live there. We were able to hand feed some of them while we had a break. We were also able to touch one squirrel which came very close by. Then we went to Buckingham Palace, the place where the queen lives. Today she was not there but there was much TV there because of a celebration. After having passed Trafalgar Square we stopped at Covent Garden where we were again split into different groups. We had time to go shopping and it was really good. Afterwards we walked back for about halve an hour to Waterloo station where we took an earlier train back to Hook. What a day!!!


by Marileen