Eton & Windsor Castle

In the morning we went to Eton College. Eton college is a school for children about 13 to 16 years old. This school is very expensive. You have to pay 32,000 pounds a year and you are at the college the whole week. The students live in big houses next to the school. The school starts at 8:30 and finishes at six o'clock pm. After school the pupils do their homework until ten o'clock. Eton college looks like a castle and is very big and beautiful and just for boys. One teacher teaches only eight pupils.
Eton is very imposing and luxurious.

by Felix

Today we were at Windsor one of the castles of the Queen. There are lots of weapons, gold and other really expensive items as for example, old and beautiful pictures. We saw old tables and chairs, old pictures. But not all of the castle is old because there was a big fire in 1992 which destroyed some of the most important rooms and buildings. The old St. George's chapel is really big and very interesting. But I liked the old swords the most. They are so intresting and they look really nice. The doll house of Queen Marry was very cool too and so big. It was a really nice tour in the castle.

by Moritz

Wir waren heute im Windsor Castle. Dort hat die Königin gelebt und manchmal kommt sie am Wochenende zu Besuch.
Das Schloss ist riesig!
Wir hatten heute einen Glückstag, weil wir Räume von Schloss sehen konnten, die eigentlich zu bestimmten Zeiten geschlossen sind.
Z.B. Der Shakespeare Raum! Dort gaben wir die ersten Ausgaben verschiedener Romanen o.ä. gesehen. Sie sind heutzutage 6.Mio Euro wert😱
Insgesamt war das Schloss schön und interessant.
Wir haben viel dazugelernt.


by Sophia