Here is a picture of Timmy and Erik at Miller and Carter Steak House in Reading. Having a great evening. Heading to the Tower of London and the Globe Theatre tomorrow. 



Jen Chapman (Tim Chapman)




I will ask Jasmine and Lara to forward you some photos.  They are very well matched and getting on really well.  They saw the Moscow State Circus yesterday and are watching the Women's six nations rugby this evening in Twickenham. 





We are having a lovely time with Marileen and she is delightful and is fitting in so well. Her English is extremely good and she is chatty, friendly and a really lovely girl. 


I’m afraid Festival Place was the ‘tourist attraction’ for Katie and Marileen today but they are having such a great time together I’ve just left them to their own choice of weekend activities. 


My older daughter also gets on well with Marileen so the three of them are getting along well. The three of them have had me French plaiting their hair….I hear them discussing likes and dislikes. I’m so pleased it is so successful.


Kirsty and Katie are refining Marileen’s English accent and similarly she is doing her best with their German! I am working on her Scottish accent (being from Edinburgh myself ) .


We have visited exotic eating places such as MacDonalds (their choice !! ).


Thank you so much for organising the exchange and giving them such a wonderful opportunity. I feel a life long friendship coming on between them.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend,


Amanda (Katie Palmer)




Everything is fine! I will send some photos later. We are in London today, thinking of going to Tower of LondonThanks and kind regards,

Sylvia (Kathryn Parry)




We have been so busy since Moritz arrived. Yesterday we went to London and did a tour of Stamford Bridge, Chelsea's football ground, and then went to the London Dungeons. It was a packed day. Today Moritz went to a karate class that my children attend and is now watching Ben play a match with his football club.  

We are so grateful to you for the time and effort you put into arranging these exchanges. It is such a wonderful experience and I am quite jealous of Ben's visit to Berlin in May. 




Lara (Ben Lucas)




Max and Benjamin are like brothers now and he's like one of our family.


As you may remember I have been away all weekend so husband did all the work. 


Benjamin watched max play football then they went out for lunch and in the afternoon played with friends.


Today they have been trampolining with Max's sister Lois and then met all my family for Sunday lunch at a pub in Dummer.


Ben really didn't want to go shopping or anywhere else...he is just wonderful, I have already told him we would like him to come and stay anytime.


See you tomorrow at pick up 


Jane ( Max Wilkinson) 




The girls have had a crazy busy weekend starting with a pizza party here on Friday night with some of Abbie’s friends. We headed off to the Aquadrome on Saturday morning to burn off some energy, before hitting Festival Place in the afternoon where between them I think they tried on every single item of clothing in New Look! The evening was rounded off with popcorn and Pitch Perfect J


Today we’ve been enjoying the sunshine and complete lack of queues at Paulton’s Park where we went on every ride multiple times. The perfect time of year to go! We then had dinner down at Ocean Village. Another movie tonight and now both exhausted girls have just gone to bed.


Hope you had a good one too



Alison (Abbie Pavitt)