Thorpe Park

We met at nine o’clock at school and drove to Thorpe Park by bus. During the day, we had to stay in groups of at least four and we had to report to our teachers at least once during the day between 12:30 and 1 o’clock. The special thing was that for this day only our British exchange partners also came with us and the idea was to get to know each other better also as a group.


There are many attractions there such as the Quantum (you swing from side to side), the Tidal Wave (where you go up and down into lots of water), the Rush (it is a very big swing), the Flying Fish (where you go up and down in circles). In the morning, it was rainy but at the end it was sunny during most of the day. There were shops too where you could buy food and something to drink. We had lots of fun. At four o’clock in the afternoon we were taken back to school by bus and were picked up by the families at five o’clock. [by Nora B., Karolin and Nora B.]