Windsor Castle

At 8:30am we met at Robert May's School. Our bus arrived at Windsor at 9:45am.  We had to wait at Windsor Castle for twenty minutes because of a security check.  Then we started an audio guided tour but we interrupted it in order to see the changing of the guards. They played with their drums and trumpets and walked around. At the moment the Queen is actually residing in the Castle which is very exciting. Later we had one hour to visit the rooms of Windsor Castle. During this time we were challenged to solve a quiz. Most of the rooms are decorated with gold and oil pictures. The doll's house of queen Mary was very impressive. Many well-known artist worked on the miniature silver plates, oil pictures, books or water pipes.  Later we visited St. George's Chapel. It is a huge church which is also decorated with gold and marmor skulptures. Many kings and queens were buried in the cathedral. [Maneli, Tina]

Eton College

After the visit to the castle we had an hour of free time. Many went shopping, but a few enjoyed the nice weather and only sat on a bench. Some went to a candy shop and bought a big lollipop or other Sweets. After an hour, we went to Eton College. The prices to go to this school are: 14,000 pounds for one term. After an extensive tour we went to the bus and went back to the school. At the school we were  picked up by the host families. It was a nice day. [Quinn and Johanna]