We met as a group at the airport at 5:40 am so we all had to get up really early and we were very tired. The view from the plane was amazing. You could see lots of famous London sights such as Tower Bridge or the London Eye. After the flight we did not find the bus terminal easily, because the airport is sooooo big and full of busy people. Finally we found the bus and were taken to Odiham. The bus took around 40 minutes to get to Robert May's School. At the school we were welcomed enthusiastically by Mrs. Marsh and the rest of the pupils. The headmistress Mrs. West also came out of the school to welcome the German teachers Mr. Fischer and Mrs. Thomalla. [Philipp G.]


We walked around the village. We visited the very old church “All Saints Parish Church” next to the pub “The Bell”. We collected some information about the church and about the pub. After that we walked to some fields and talked about the Royal Air Force. Then we walked to High Street and looked at some old houses. Then we went to a river, rented some boats and rowed through the canal.  We all had fun because it was not easy to steer the boats. Again and again we crashed into the riverside. One girl lost her sock and a shoe and they had to get it back. At 2 pm we went back to the school and ate together with our exchange partners. There was a huge Party with lots of very delicious Food especially prepared for us. Then the English teacher Mrs. Marsh helt a welcome speech. After everyone had finished their meal we were taken to our exchange partners’ home. All in all it was a great day and everyone had fun. [Hendrik]