We met at Hook Station at 8:45 and took the 9 o'clock train to London Waterloo. First we visited the London Eye- the biggest wheel in Europe. Before entering the London Eye we watched a film in 4D of London. Afterwards we were split in two groups of fifteen pupils and from the cabines on the London Eye we had an amazing view of the city. We saw Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and the Elizabeth Tower. We spent about 30 minutes on the London Eye. When we left the big wheel we crossed Westminster Bridge and passed the sight were the latest terrorist attacks had taken place. It was marked by flowers that people had layed down. After a short stop were we were able to take pictures in London's famous red telephone boxes before followed the road and entered the famous St. James park. [by Anna]

Then we went to St. James Park. On the way we saw Big Ben. When we came to the park, we sat down on the grass. The park is beautiful and there is a lake in the park. We ate lunch there and we listend to some music. Then some pupils presented their talks on certain sights such as Buckingham Palace were we went afterwards [by Philipp G.]

Today we also saw lots of street artists:  Some for example painted flags from countries on the ground. People could put money on the flag they come from.  Another kind of street artists was a man or a woman who so to say made it appear that he floated above the ground but this is just a simple trick. Then there were many artists who wore special clothes or were painted all of over their body and if you give them money, they will move shortly. [Luc]

Today we visited Buckingham Palace which is the Queen' home when she is in London , but she wasn't there today. We also saw the Queen's guards who are the soldiers that protect the Palace. We took lots of group photos in front of Buckingham Palace. There were also lots of other tourists who came to see the famous Palace too. It was amazing and so majestic . [Theodor K.]