Impressions from different pupils

This evening the boys went to Ed's house and played table tennis and then had a traditional Friday night fish and chip supper (though some chose sausage instead) [Sharon]

This morning we got up at 8 o' clock and after a quick breakfast we left home at quarter to nine, and drove to an ice ring. After about an hour watching Jess, having skating lesson, we skated together. Then we went to the city to go shopping and buy some souvenirs. After lunch at Mc Donald's we went into another shop and afterwards we drove home. On the way back home they showed me the typical landscape and houses. At home we watched a film together. [Lea]

Tilly and Nora have had a great weekend so far. On Friday night we enjoyed traditional British fish and chips, opened some lovely gifts Nora bought for us and played card games.  This morning Tilly and Nora volunteered at the local 5K Park run at Rushmoor. Nora got a special thank you at the beginning of the run, as a volunteer from Germany.  This afternoon we went to the opening of the new leisure centre in Fleet and went swimming. Then Bethany, her German exchange student Karoline, and Boris's student, Nora came over to do some Great British baking and made some fabulous cakes and biscuits.
May be more restful tomorrow! [Jo]

We did a Stonehenge drive by, trip to the beach and a lunch of fish and chips.

Boys are getting well, will send another update later! [Sophia Bergh]

James and Leonard had a great day in London!! We walked for miles!! And the boys went mountain biking this morning before that!! Very tired now! [Claire]

Good morning
A few photos from our weekend so far. Making the most of the 5 minutes of sunshine yesterday morning to have breakfast outside, followed by bowling.
Cheers [Vicki]

These are some photos of what we have been up to

Alvin had a full cooked English breakfast. And in the afternoon the boys went ten pin bowling and to Frenchies ice cream parlour, with Ed and Robin and had a great time. On Sunday we took Alvin to Stonehenge, a perfect day for it.  The sun was shining and Alvin had a Cornish pasty for lunch :)
I am now cooking a traditional English Roast dinner whilst the boys hang out upstairs. [Sharon]

Today I slept until 9 o' clock. Jess was still asleep when I got up. After breakfast we went for a walk. They showed me the village and the landscape around there. Then we visited Odiham Castle and we walked to a pub to eat lunch. Afterwards we drove home. Hannah and Johanna came to visit and we have been lying in the garden under the sun until now. [Lea]

On Saturday we went to London by train. At 14:30 we went to see the musical "The Lion King" and afterwards we ate something. At 7:30 pm we drove back home by train and went to sleep. On Sunday we went to Stonehenge. This was a great experience.[Quinn]

On Saturday, my exchange family and I had a very nice breakfast. After that we went to the opening of the new Hart Leisure Center „Everyone's Active” to have a look at it. My exchange partner Bea climbed on a tall climbing wall, that was really cool. Then we went back home and had lunch, Bea showed me Hartley Wintney, the village her family is living in, and we bought some sweets.
In the evening, we had a football match in the big football field next to her house ,then we went to the playground. It was much fun! On Sunday, we went to church. It's very different from the one in Germany. Afterwards we went to a burger restaurant. It was very tasty. Then we went shopping and after that, we went bowling. For dessert, we went to an ice-cream sundae cafè to eat huge ice-cream. It was so delicious! Then we played football in the garden. It was much fun! [Julie]

On Saturday another girl came to us and we went bowling together. It was a lot of fun for us. Later we three girls went shopping. In the evening we walked the dog and baked a cake.
On Sunday we went to a farm with a friend. There were many animals, like goats, pigs, donkeys, rabbits, sheep and lambs.... We enjoyed the day there!  [Tina]

Another busy day!! Mountain biking in the new forest and then a walk along the beach!! Lovely weather!! Having a great time! Claire, James and Leonard!! [Claire]

On the Saturday we went to London and saw the Olympic stadium and also went on the slide at the orbit. We also went to China Town and had delicious dinner.
On the Sunday my parents to us to Bournemouth beach and we played on the beach and went rock climbing. When walking along the sea front we grabbed an ice cream.

We enjoyed our weekend very much!! [Justus and Natha]


Impressions from Mr. Fischer who was taken to Swanage on Saturday + who took a 12km walk through the beautiful Odiham countryside along Basingstoke canal on Sunday.