Impressions from pupils

We had a lovely weekend with our German guest, Luc. Thanks to the wonderful English weather (!) we managed to have a trip to Beaulieu (The British National Motor Museum) via the New Forest on Saturday and Isle of Wight on Sunday as requested and planned. We hope Luc's been enjoying the bit of English experience so far including his first Fish and Chips and he will have a great time on their trips for the next three days. [Michi]

The boys had a very busy weekend. I have attached some photos. There are a couple from Thursday evening on the trampoline and Harvey receiving a gift from Jakob. The other photos are from Southsea on Saturday. Harvey and Ed Marks actually got in the sea! Sunday when we went to Stonehenge.

[Rachel Rouen]


Been a very busy few days! We followed up the Thorpe Park trip with a visit to Reading for dinner and a quick stop off at the Madjeski. Saturday we went to London. First to Greenwich and across the river on the cable car. Then to the Olympic park for lunch and go on the tallest slide in Europe, the Arcelor. Train back to London Bridge and then walked through London to Chinatown for dinner followed by more walking, back to Waterloo station. Yesterday we went to Bournemouth. Lovely weather, football on the beach, a high ropes course, seafood lunch, more football ending with a well earned in the car!
Justus has been really good, a genuinely nice kid and he and Nathan have really hit it off!

Jacob and Jonah on the Isle of Wight

I was on a wedding with my exchange partner, because the best friend of my exchange partner's mother got married. After the celebration in the church we went to a hotel where we ate and we also passed the night there. When we came back home we drove to Lea and her Exchange partner. There we sat in the sun in the garden and played with the cat of Lea's exchange partner. All in all I really enjoyed the Weekend. [Johanna]

Here is a report about the weekend with my host family: We all had a great weekend together. We painted pottery and were very much outside. I went to some other exchanche partners and we baked a lot of things. We all had fun and enjoyed the weekend! [Nora Bahl]


My Weekend:
On Saturday I went to Tina and her exchange family. We went to a bowling centre and played bowling. After that we went to a shopping mall and I bought a T-Shirt. Then the mother of my exchange partner picked me up and we drove to a play of my exchanging partner. It was really cool. After that we went out for dinner. We went to an Indian Restaurant.

On Sunday we went to a Russian circus. It was really funny. There were acrobats and clowns. The music was very loud but it was okay. And then we got some candyfloss which was very big. Then we went to friends of my exchange partner. They were very funny. After that we went home and relaxed [Maneli]

...and on Sunday we went to Avon Beach at Christchurch.  Cricket, Fish & Chips, & Ice cream! [Sean]