Extensive Report from Anna-Lena

We have loved having Alvin to stay - he is the loveliest, politest guest and has a lovely sense of humour too. He and Caspar seem to be getting on really well, it was a great match. Caspar is really looking forward to spending time with Alvin and his family in Germany in May, though I hope they will get him to speak some German - Alvin's English is incredible. We will miss him when he returns home.

Here are some of our weekend photos from... Brighton and Winchester. We had a great time and lovely sun, too. [Bernadette, Anna & Lily]


Please see some photos of Robin and Edward. This time full English cooked breakfast, typical Italian pizza and pasta & Tennis [Paul]

Photos of Lleyton and Theodor at tennis coaching, making pizza and at Lleyton's paint balling birthday party! [Kerryn Harding-Jones]

On Saturday, in the morning wewereallowed to ride the horses from our exchange family. On the farm, there are 9 horses, but just two are from them. So we rode the two in a little round around the farm. It was really nice. Then we ate lunch and went to the South Sea. It's a stone beach and the water was really cold. There we met Jakob and Philipp with their exchange families. We Held our feet into the water and later, we ate fish&chips. Then we returned home and went to bed. It was a wonderful day!

On Sunday, we went to Stonehenge. There, we met Jakob and his family again. We got a Little guided tourist and looked at the stones. They were very big and heavy. We had lunch as a picnic and it was very delicious. After this, we looked atthe history of Stonehenge. That's very interesting, because nobody knows who and why it was built. Perhaps it was built by slaves for religious purposes, but it was never finished. Then, we looked at some huts, that were rebuilt from that time. We drove home and played some catch games in the hayballs. It was really nice, because there are some mystery floors between the hayballs where you can hide. Then we ate dinner.

It was a very nice day! [by Franziska and Johanna]




On Saturday we went swimming together with Tilly, Nora and Bethy's Family. After this we drove to Tilly's house and made lemonade, cookies and a cake.
On Sunday we went to a farm. There we saw many animals and we saw how a lamb was born. You could hold some of the little lambs. In the afternoon we went to the beach and drove with the sky wave and went to a pirate sky trail (it is a kind of climbing park) [by Karoline]

On Saturday morning we went swimming with Karolin, her exchange Partner Bethany and a friend of my exchange partner Tilly and Bethany. After that we went home (with Karolin, Bethany, Tilly's and Bethany's friend and Nora) and baked cakes. They were really tasty. Then we played in the garden.
On Sunday Tilly, her friend and me were outside and played with a dog. Later we did a water fight. The family is really nice and friendly and it was a great weekend [by Nora Bahl]